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#1, 4205 27th Street
Vernon, BC
Canada V1T 4Y3
PH: (250) 260-4273
FX: (250) 503-0251

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Monday through Thursday: 9a - 12:00p and 1:00p - 4:00p
Closed on Friday
Appointments outside of these business hours may be available.
Gerry M. Laarakker, Lawyer and Notary Public:
Why hire a Lawyer instead of a Notary?

Lawyers are required to undergo 4 years of rigorous training, whereas Notaries only take a 10 months course.

As a result, Notaries are very restricted in their practices and are required to refer their clients to a lawyer when anything goes sideway. They are limited in the legal services they can provide, for instance, they are unable to do Family Law, Corporate Law and Probates and importantly, they are not permitted to create testamentary trusts past the age of 19. So, if you are not comfortable with the possibility of your grandson inheriting your hard-earned fortune at the age 19, you need to talk to a lawyer to get it done right. And when you compare the cost of a Lawyer versus a Notary, you will be pleasantly surprised!